Kevin He Presents at Oculus Connect 5

Physical character interaction is hard to fake–whether it’s between two in-world characters, between users and characters, or between a character or avatar and its environmental surroundings. Nevertheless, interaction is central to user-driven storytelling and building immersive VR and AR experiences that suspend disbelief.

Picture from Twitter user Mario Deutschmann

DeepMotion CEO Kevin He presented on solutions to these challenges today at Oculus Connect 5! His talk, Using Deep Learning to Create Interactive Actors for VR, covered the research and development behind building an interactive character authoring tool, as well as how developers can integrate intelligent character simulation into their own experiences.

Kevin covered the progression of developing first principal physics-driven solutions, including early projects featuring interactive NPCs, robotic simulation, and full body VR avatars. Kevin also previewed our latest work on building Motion Intelligence in physically simulated characters.

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