Animate 3D - V 2.0 Release

The Animate 3D version 2.0 is here! This major update brings you the highly requested Custom Character feature, continued quality improvements and more! See what’s new:

  • Custom 3D Characters: Upon creating a new animation, you will now be presented with the option to upload your own custom 3D characters. Your animation will be visible in the previewer and available for download with the animation retargeted to your custom character.
  • Jumping Optimization: We have worked on improving how our AI interprets jumping motions, and refining detection of more subtle jumping motions.
  • Large Movement Detection: The improved detection of large joint movements, such as high kicks and wide arm motions, will help with generating quality motions for more complex animations.

Product Portal Updates:

  • Sidebar Navigation: Navigate between your personal product dashboard, animations, library and other features easily.
  • Product Feedback Form: A new dedicated form located in your sidebar navigation will allow you to provide us direct feedback. Your feedback helps us design this platform with you in mind, so feel free to reach out on things large or small!
  • General UI Improvements & Bug Fixes: You’ll see other general UI updates aimed at improving your experience with Animate 3D.

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Custom 3D Models for Your Animations

Looking to try the new Custom Character feature, but don’t have custom 3D characters to upload? We are partnering with a variety of 3D model platforms to seamlessly bring you more options. As we explore a more direct integration for easier access within Animate 3D, check out these links below to get started:

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