Animate 3D Subscription Launch

Animate 3D turns 2D videos into 3D animation. Check out the newly launched subscription plans and don't miss out on a holiday offer!

Animate 3D Subscription Launch

Today we continue Animate 3D’s journey toward providing quality AI-driven motion capture to everyone! Driven by our Preceptive Motion Brain technology, with a significant boost in training performance powered by Intel, Animate 3D has proven to be a leading body tracking solution. We are announcing the official launch of our subscription plans that will go into effect today for all new users and are officially moving out of our Alpha and into General Availability!

All new users who sign up moving forward will be automatically put on our Freemium plan, which is completely free and does not require any payment information to use. The plan comes with 2 free animation minutes per month that reset monthly!

If you joined Animate 3D prior to today, that means you are an Early Adopter. As a thank you to our Early Adopters, we are providing Free and Unlimited service to you through 12/31/20!


For all our users, new and old, if you upgrade to a paid plan by 12/31/20, we will provide unlimited animation minutes through 1/31/21. After that date, your account will switch over to the animation minute limit of your plan, listed on our pricing page at the link below.

We hope to see you in motion and look forward to launching some great features for you in early 2021!