Animate 3D - V 2.2 Release

Animate 3D V2.2 update brings procedural hand motions, faster global load times and more!

Animate 3D - V 2.2 Release

V2.2 Update

Today we released our V 2.2 update. Take a look!

  • Faster Global Load Times: Our global community should now experience exponentially faster load times when processing their animations.
  • Procedural Hand Animation: New features have been included in introducing procedural hand animations. This addresses the previous state of hands being stuck in a default flat hand position, leading to more natural all-around animations.
  • Higher Precision Video Preprocessing: We upgraded the quality level of the video pre-processing pipeline to deliver smoother and more detailed mocap results.
  • MP4 Output Quality Improvement: We have continued work on our new MP4 output, further improving their quality for a more shareable experience.
  • Animate 3D Subscriptions: In case you missed it, we have launched our subscription plans for Animate 3D - check them out here!

Holiday Offer

For all our users, new and old, if you upgrade to a paid plan by 12/31/20, we will provide unlimited animation minutes through 1/31/21. After that date, your account will switch over to the animation minute limit of your plan, listed on our pricing page at the link below. Check out the full update on our transition to subscriptions.

Need Support?

As a reminder, if you have any support needs, or general questions, visit our forums! It's the best place to find answers and get quick support from the DeepMotion Team.

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