Animate 3D - V2.2.1 Release

The release of v2.2.1 follows closely on the heels of our V2.2 update. Our V2.2.1 update has some important features that we wanted to get out to all of our users that didn't make it into the previous release. Check them out!

V2.2.1 Release Notes:

  • Improved Physics Filter: We have updated our 'Physics Filter' setting which helps remove mesh surfaces intersecting with one another. For default or custom models that have previously seen an issue with this mesh breaking surfaces with various parts of the body, try using 'Physics Filter' under the 'Animation Output' setting.
  • Procedural Hand Animation Update: Fixed a thumb procedural animation bug, providing a more natural thumb gesture.
  • Sound Previewer: Fixed a bug that prevented the sound from playing in the animation previewer.
  • Default Character Improvements: Fixed some hands modeling artifacts in default characters and added all finger joints to default characters for easier hand motion retargeting in Unity-3D
  • Blank Previewer Bug: Fixed a “blank page” bug in the Animate 3D  browser previewer for some OS and hardware combinations.
  • Terms of Use Updates: We provided more clarity on rights and licenses for user uploaded content and site generated products

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