Animate 3D - V2.5 Release

Get ready for the next big jump for Animate 3D with the V2.5 update. There’s a lot packed into this one, including new subscription plans, a fully customizable avatar generator from our partners at Wolf3D, and much more!

Portal Updates:

  • Custom 3D Avatars: We have worked with our partners at Wolf3D to add a new Custom Character function, integrating the Ready Player Me avatar generator directly into the service. Check it out under the new ‘3D Models’ section in your side navigation. Check out our announcement and full walkthrough.
  • New Subscription Plans: You asked and we listened - we have added 2 new subscription plans for Animate 3D. The Starter plan is available at $9/month for 180 seconds of animation and the Studio plan is available at $180/mo for 7,200 animation seconds. Whatever your volume, we’ve got you covered - Check out all the plans here!

Animation Quality Updates:

  • Improved Side View: Improved side view tilting when input video is captured from the side view of the subject. Reduced foot gliding and arm glitches in depth direction when input video is captured from the side view of the subject.
  • Improved Foot Locking: Further improvements have been made to stamp out floating feet - we’ve improved foot locking when both feet are on the ground.
  • Grounding Hand Support: Motions that require the hands to make contact with the ground now better support the weight of the body, where previously they would sometimes float above the ground plane.

Pipeline Updates:

  • Additional Custom Character Support (Daz3D): We now support more custom characters! With added support for intermediate joints between knees and hips for uploaded models, we can now support Daz3D characters. Keep an eye out for the Daz3D tutorial in the coming weeks!
  • Character Mesh Export (Unreal Engine Support!): Our default character export now includes the character mesh. This means that our animations can now be easily imported into Unreal Engine. Keep an eye out for the UE4 tutorial coming soon!

Contest Announcement

Don't miss out on the Animate 3D Contest Spring '21 running from March 25 - April 30. Win thousands in cash and prizes just by creating an animation! Check out all the details: Animate 3D Spring Contest

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