Animate 3D Contest Spring '21 - Winners Announced!

DeepMotion's Animate 3D Contest Spring '21 has come to a close, having saw an amazing response from our community and many incredible submissions! We have compiled all the winners from both the Advanced and Basic submission categories for the community to celebrate and to see what's possible with AI motion capture.

Thank you to all of the participants and we look forward to a round 3 later this year.

Winners received a cash price, an Animate 3D subscription and a motion package from our partners over at Endless Reference.


1st: WillowmoonArt

2nd: mio mio  

3rd (Tied): Stéphane FAURE

3rd (Tied): dfbAnimate  

4th: Jacob Ssendagire

5th: Jean Syjueco

6th: Sepehr Rajabi

7th: Sakuru Tanu

8th: Gabriel Rivas

9th: jules

10th: rohit sharm


1st: EduardoDavidArt

2nd: Renata Kha

3rd: mattloulou  

4th: Darien Haywood

5th: Alëna Danilova

6th: Yuri Medelian

7th: Peter Peter  

8th: Darren Profas  

9th: NLuck

10th: Moe Moe

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