Roblox Tutorial: How to Animate In the Metaverse With AI Motion Capture & Blender

Roblox is an entry point into the burgeoning metaverse for a significant portion of today’s gamers. The online platform provides access to tens of millions of games developed by one of the fastest growing gaming communities. In addition to games, they have also been expanding their experiences to include casual hangout locations where users can spend time socializing with friends. In order to create experiences within this metaverse, the Roblox team has developed tools to help any level of creator to start building their next entry into the digital world.

Our team at DeepMotion sat down with Roblox Studio and explored how we could bring easily accessible AI motion capture to the next generation of Roblox creators using Blender. Check out our full walkthrough and learn how you can start adding more motion to your Roblox experiences.

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