Animate 3D V3.4 - 3D Pose From Image, Rerun Animations & More!

Animate 3D V3.4 brings a host of new updates and features including the brand new 3D Pose output that creates a static pose from an image, the ability to Rerun your animations with new settings and much more!

3D Pose (Beta): Now available for all users! The brand new 3D Pose feature lets you generate a 3D pose from an image or a single frame video. Create static 3D scenes, easily storyboard your stories, generate full-body posed models for 3D printing and much more! Works with Custom Characters and the integrated avatar creator.

Rerun: Subscribers now have access to the new Rerun feature. You can rerun your animations to test different settings allowing you to refine your animation. Did you see a hand pass through the leg? Easily click the ‘Rerun’ button and turn on the Physics Filter setting to update your animation with the new setting without using any of your animation time! Subscribers get the following amount of Reruns: Starter: 3, Innovator: 5, Professional: 25, Studio: Unlimited

Portal Updates:

  • 3D Pose: You can now choose between creating a 3D Animation or a 3D Pose through the ‘Create’ option.
  • Rerun: Access the Rerun feature by clicking the ‘Rerun’ button on the button of the peviewer, or in your library. Your Rerun animation with new settings will overwrite your old animation.
  • Freemium Resolution Upgrade: Freemium accounts can now upload 1080p videos which can provide an increase in animation quality. Studio accounts can now upload 8K videos which can provide more than enough details to capture both high quality face details and body motions from the same video.
  • Face Tracking UI: Users will now be able to easily tell whether Face Tracking is available for Custom Characters. Check out our FaceTracking FAQ to learn more about the technical requirements. (Link)
  • Library Custom Character Visibility: You can now see the name of your Custom Characters in your library so you can easily tell which character you used for each animation created.
  • General UI Updates: Your Animate 3D portal will see a revamp including a clearer dashboard and visibility on your new rerun count.

Animation Quality Update

  • Improved Ground Motions: Animation quality will see an improvement for ground motions that involve weight on hands, feet and other joints.
  • Improved Ground Contact: General overall improved animation quality for limb ground contact and anti-tilting.
  • Improved Tracking of Slower Movements: Real-time motions that are slower will see improved tracking.

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