DeepMotion + Nvidia GTC ‘21: Transforming Storytelling with Digital Avatars

DeepMotion continues to innovate and provide ground-breaking solutions that animate avatars automatically for the Metaverse.  We are excited to share our vision for motion intelligence and how our AI motion capture web service, Animate 3D, is transforming storytelling with digital avatars.

Join DeepMotion’s Founder and CEO Kevin He at Nvidia GTC ‘21 as he discusses the future of motion capture and how it is going to change the landscape of motion in content creation. As part of the Nvidia Inception program, our team has been empowered through ongoing support from the team at Nvidia, helping us evolve our AI and our products faster than ever before.

Sign up free for the talk on Wednesday, November 10th at 9AM PT

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About DeepMotion
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DeepMotion is a pioneer in the emerging field of Motion Intelligence. We are building tools for lifelike procedural animation using physical simulation and artificial intelligence.