DeepMotion Collaborates with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. on Demo for Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021

Qualcomm Technologies presented their latest technological advances during their annual Snapdragon Tech Summit and DeepMotion came along for the ride to help demonstrate some new technology breakthroughs. During the event, Qualcomm Technologies announced the new flagship Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform, which will power the next generation of premium Android devices .

Snapdragon 8 is loaded with premium features that bring greater user experiences to consumers. These new features, paired with DeepMotion’s real-time body tracking technology, demonstrated the latest from Snapdragon including 5G mmWave, 18-bit ISP, and their 7th Generation Qualcomm® AI Engine. Combined, the Snapdragon 8 proved to be a powerhouse while running DeepMotion’s Real-Time SDK and was able to easily stream live avatars rendered in the cloud and streamed back to the phone in real-time.

Check out the full Snapdragon + DeepMotion demo below and don’t miss out on the full breakdown of the Snapdragon Tech Summit here.

Featured in the Snapdragon 8 demonstration is DeepMotion’s Real-Time SDK. The SDK features AI motion capture and can be used to extract 3D poses of a human being via a single RGB camera in real-time on a mobile device. The results can be used to build real-time body tracking applications for use in games, sports analytics, mixed reality, the metaverse and beyond. You can check out more about the Real-Time SDK here.

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