Animate 3D V4.0 - Hand Tracking Now Live!

DeepMotion’s Animate 3D V4.0 release brings our highly requested Hand Tracking feature to all users! We also have a lineup of other new features for you to check out as well - take a look!

Portal Updates:

  • Hand Tracking Beta: Hand Tracking is now live for all users! You can access the new feature within the Animation Settings. For more information on capture guidelines and Custom Character Hand Tracking setup, check out our Hand Tracking FAQ!
  • Upper Body Only Setting: We have further optimized half-body, or upper body only animations! Turn this new setting on when you have a video that has a subject visible from the waist up and it will reduce the leg and feet movement. This is great for Face Tracking and Hand Tracking captures.
  • Default Pose Setting: Another new setting to help optimize your partial body captures when some joints are not detected, the Default Pose Setting allows you to choose which pose your want your character to default to should the AI not find any joint signals. There are three options - A-Pose: The character’s arms will be to the sides at 45-degree angles, I-Pose: The character’s hands will rest on the back of the character, and T-Pose: The character’s arms will be stretched out horizontally.
  • Animation Credits: The way we track animation usage has changed! All accounts will now have an allotment of Animation Credits instead of the preview Animation Seconds. Animation Credits can be used for Full Body-Tracking: 1 credit/second or pose, Face  Tracking: 0.5 credit/second or pose, and Hand Tracking: 0.5 credit/second or pose. You can check out more on our updated pricing page.
  • Studio & Enterprise Plan Boost: Studio and Enterprise plans can now upload videos up to 1.5GB and up to 6 minutes in length, allowing for greater flexibility for those larger projects.
  • Freemium Credit Increase: We have increased the number of Animation Credits on the Freemium plan from 20 to 30. New users can now test our Face Tracking and Hand Tracking features without losing out on any testing time!
  • 3D Pose GIF Export: Users can now generate a GIF of their 3D Pose and export it directly from Animate 3D.
  • 3D Pose Rerun Update: Users can now rerun their 3D Pose jobs with Face Tracking.

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