DeepMotion Partners with In3D for Realistic Avatar Animations for World Cup 2022

[San Mateo, CA] – DeepMotion, the industry leader in AI motion capture, has partnered with the team from In3D to bring you truly alive 3D avatars. In3D, known for their 3D scanning app, is doing a soft launch of their new Avaturn platform, allowing users to create realistic digital twin avatars from a simple selfie.

Avaturn separates itself from In3D’s flagship scanning app by providing an elevated degree of accessibility for realistic avatar creation. By using a simple selfie, In3D’s technology can quickly create an avatar with customizable bodies, clothing, hair, and accessories, with an endless number of combinations that can be used across the metaverse and beyond.

The team at DeepMotion has been working on Animate 3D, their AI motion capture solution, since 2020 and boasts nearly half a million users. Their technology turns any single video input into a 3D animation in minutes, providing creators and developers with accessible performance motion capture without the need for expensive suits or hardware. DeepMotion is Avaturn’s earliest adopter, providing early access to Avaturn’s realistic character creation from a selfie experience, integrated directly into DeepMotion’s Animate 3D web service.

To celebrate the World Cup 2022, DeepMotion and In3D have put together a very unique experience. Fans can easily digitize themselves into 3D avatars with Avaturn, complete with team uniform options, then animate themselves performing their favorite football moments with DeepMotion. Take a look at the following walkthrough to show you how you can realize your digital self and turn yourself into a metaverse football pro.

DeepMotion Avaturn Walkthrough

DeepMotion and Avaturn are both free to use, entrenching their status as truly creator-accessible versions of advanced technologies!

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