V4.2 - Avaturn Realistic Avatars, New Rotoscope Pose Editor Features, Freemium Boost & More!

V4.2 - Avaturn Realistic Avatars, New Rotoscope Pose Editor Features, Freemium Boost & More!

Animate 3D V4.2 brings users Avaturn, a new realistic avatar generator, new Rotoscope Pose Editor features aimed at expediting the AI assisted editing process, and we are expanding our Freemium tier by doubling all limits, + much more!

Realistic Avatar Generator

Rotoscoping Pose Editor Updates:

Check out the updated tutorial here

  • Auto-Saving: Editing progress is now automatically saved after every minute.
  • Multi-Joint Selection: You can now select multiple joints while editing to do tasks like move the joints, copy & paste joint locations, interpolation, and more!
  • Hot-Keys: Hot keys have been added to assist your editing process so you can do tasks more speedily like moving between frames, copy & paste, etc. Simply hover over the tools to see what their hot keys are.
  • Interpolation: Reduce your repetitive frame by frame editing with the new Interpolation feature. You can select a joint’s ‘point A’ starting position and ‘point B’ end position across a set of frames resulting in a smooth motion from point A to point B. Interpolation works for multi-joint selection as well to further boost your productivity when multiple joints are adjusted simultaneously.
  • Bone Colors: You can now select between 3 different colors to change your rig in the viewing area so that you can easily see the bones of your character against varying background colors.

Hand Tracking Updates:

  • Motion Smoothing: Motion Smoothing has been added for Hand Tracking animations. Our existing Motion Smoothing feature applies advanced AI filters to help remove jittering - you can now use the existing dial to help remove jitters and produce smoother hand animations.
  • Improved Precision Tracking: Fixed some issues that caused some finger popping when doing precise finger motions like for sign language.
  • Joint Correction: Fixed some issues causing the fingers to bend sideways in some instances.
  • Handling Difficulty: Fixed a bug that now allows for the tracking of more challenging inputs.

Subscription Updates:

  • Freemium Upgrades:
  • Credits: We have improved our free tier, now providing 2x the amount of credits to each account every month, increasing from 30 to 60 animation credits.
  • Video Limits: The single video file upload limit was also doubled from 10 seconds to 20 seconds per upload.
  • File Size Limit: The single video file size limit has doubled as well from 50MB to 100MB
  • Reruns: Freemium accounts now come with 1 free rerun every month so you can test out changing various settings.
  • Enterprise Plan: Check out our new and most robust subscription plan, providing the Highest Job Priority, 2GB video uploads, 100 custom characters & credits for creating up to 10 hours of animation monthly. You can check out all our plans here: www.deepmotion.com/pricing

Portal & Backend Updates

  • Camera Angles: You can now set camera angles for your MP4 render. You can set the camera in a 180° arc so that you can get the left and right profiles of your character.
  • Priority Que: We now have 5 different Job Priority tiers to correlate with our subscription tiers. Our higher tiers jobs will run before other tiers for quicker processing times.
  • Freemium: Lowest
  • Innovator: Low
  • Professional: Medium
  • Studio: High
  • Enterprise: Highest
  • Job Processing Bug: Fixed an issue that could cause some hanging issues when processing a job.