The Next Generation of Motion Intelligence Solutions from DeepMotion

GDC 2020 Updates - Immerse yourself in DeepMotion’s newly released motion intelligence solutions

The Next Generation of Motion Intelligence Solutions from DeepMotion

Although GDC 2020 is now postponed, we've still been working hard on the next generation of motion intelligence solutions and wanted to provide an update on our latest offerings. We have a variety of interactive, customizable demos and SDKs for you to try including our Full Body VR Avatar Tracking, Camera-based Body Tracking & Interaction, and our pioneering Motion Brain. Learn more about our products and services below, and don't forget to sign up for the DeepMotion Newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements.

DeepMotion's industry-leading VR Full Body Tracking solutions take an all-new approach to player tracking, requiring minimal trackers while still providing full-body avatars. Unlike most VR tracking solutions that use Inverse Kinematics, DeepMotion's solution uses Inverse Dynamics, which incorporates simulated forces and physics to enable more realistic interactions with other objects, avatars, and the environment. Highly flexible and configurable, our run-time VR Tracking SDKs are compatible with most VR devices and easy to integrate.

Be sure also to check out our Camera-based Body Tracking & Interaction solution, which uses the latest in AI, motion perception, and physics simulation to detect and reconstruct human body motion… all in real-time. Sometimes called markerless motion capture or pose estimation, our Body Tracking SDK requires just a single camera - for example, a smartphone camera - to detect and reconstruct 3D human motion. This new approach enables a whole new world of possibilities in your interactive and/or augmented reality-based applications.

Lastly, we've added some exciting new features to our new Motion Brain solution. Using keyframe animations to animate human motion and movement has many problems - keyframe animations are repetitive, hand-crafted, and static - meaning they cannot react with other objects or the environment without adding custom code. The Motion Brain SDK solves these problems and more by offering procedurally animated characters that move and interact more naturally, breathing life into your digital beings. Contact us today to learn how a custom Motion Brain tailored to your solution can transform your characters from animated to ALIVE!

Keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting updates in the coming weeks!