Animate 3D: "Animate Yourself" Contest | Cash Prizes

We want to see you animate yourself… in 3D! Enter the DeepMotion “Animate Yourself” contest for a chance to win prize money and a 2-month subscription to Animate 3D.

See 3D Animator @Daily3D on TikTok as he kicks us off!


Theme: “Animate Yourself”

Turn yourself into a 3D custom character living their best life. Animate yourself as one of the following:
1. Superhero You: Show us your victory pose!
2. Pop-Star You: Give us your best choreography
3. Videogame You: Show us your best K.O.


First Place: The grand prize winner will receive $500 (US), plus a 2-month subscription to Animate 3D
Second Place: Second place receives $300 (US), plus a 2-month subscription to Animate 3D
Third Place: Third place receives $150 (US), plus a 2-month subscription to Animate 3D
10 Honorable Mentions: Receives $50 (US)


November 24: Contest start
December 7: Contest close
December 14: Judging close
December 15: DeepMotion will publicly announce the winners and show off the winning creations!

For All the Details, Check Out the Contest Page

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