Memik Brings Your Dances to AR Using AI Powered by DeepMotion's Animate 3D

Memik, a popular new dancing challenge app, and DeepMotion recently teamed up to bring your personal dances to AR avatars. The Memik application, available on IOS, pairs a selection of custom AR avatars or avatars of celebrities with a variety of songs.

You can use the default dances available within the app, or you can create your own personal dance routine using Animate 3D’s AI motion capture results to upload to your account and use them to challenge your friends and family! Memik uses the Animate 3D API integration to provide a rich personalized dancing experience for their users.

This app combines AR and AI in a family-friendly way, just in time for the holidays, with their current holiday themed avatars and songs.

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To celebrate their holiday launch, the creators at Memik are putting on a #MemikChallenge that challenges users to share their custom dancing routines for a chance to win a PS5!

Check out this post by former pro basketball player and rapper Shaq sharing a video of fellow former NBA player Dennis Scott getting in on the #MemikChallenge

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Take a look at the challenge details here.

We look forward to seeing everyone in motion!

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