The Year of the Rogue Robot


The New Year is right around the corner and we hope you'll join us in making 2018 the year of the Rogue Robot!

After 3 years of research and development surrounding physics-based character simulation and physical intelligence, we are excited to bring intelligent digital actors to the market.

DeepMotion Avatar is currently in closed alpha, and DeepMotion Neuron nearly ready for user testing. With the 2018 launch of these products, we will bring interactive, self-moving characters to indie game developers, Virtual Reality studios, immersive ARKit and ARCore Apps, robotics simulators, and filmmakers alike.

From training an industrial crane to handle resistance and torque, to the lifelike punctuation of movement via secondary motion and joint simulation, to spawning a crowd of autonomous zombies into apocalyptic game environments (each uniquely stumbling towards its next fleshy meal)—we are converging on a future of more visceral, and cost-effective, interaction with digital agents.

Happy New Year!
— DeepMotion & the Inverse Dynamic Dancing Robots