The Next Generation of Motion Intelligence Solutions from DeepMotion

Although GDC 2020 is now postponed, we've still been working hard on the next generation of motion intelligence solutions and wanted to provide an update on our latest offerings. We have a variety of interactive, customizable demos and SDKs for you to try including our Full Body VR Avatar Tracking,

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Procedural Animation, Physics Simulation, and Virtual Beings

Kevin He talks procedural animation and physics simulation

Looking to break free from traditional, primitive animation techniques such as key framing and reap the many benefits from AI, physics simulation, and procedural animation? Kevin He, founder and CEO of DeepMotion, gives a short introduction to these technologies and how they

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Machine Learning and the New Forms of Motion Capture for 3D Data

In the early 20th century, transferring real-world human motion to characters was a process done by hand. The hack? A technique made popular by Betty Boop creator Max Fleischer, whereby animators traced magnified live action footage onto transparencies. This early form of rotoscoping was one of the first methods that

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