Interview: on Making "The Vagrant" using Creature with O.T.K Games

Inspired by the 2008 game Odin Sphere, Beijing-based O.T.K games launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, hoping to fund a 2D side scrolling hack-and-slash game they were developing called The Vagrant. Their campaign requested 20,000 pounds and showcased impressive clips and character art, animations, gameplay, music, in

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How To Make 3 Point Tracked Full-Body Avatars in VR

Virtual Reality is still in its infancy, with major challenges standing in the way of mass adoption, as well as what many consider the medium’s ultimate value proposition: to give users a sense of “presence”, the feeling of being fully transposed and immersed in an interactive, virtual world. A

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Procedural Animation for Characters via Scripting in C#


This blog post will serve as an introduction to one of the multiple procedural animation methods supported by DeepMotion Avatar: procedural animation for various character standing movements via C# scripting in the Unity editor.

Now that you have constructed a physically simulated character that can stand in-place, self-balance, and walk

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