Machine Learning and the New Forms of Motion Capture for 3D Data

In the early 20th century, transferring real-world human motion to characters was a process done by hand. The hack? A technique made popular by Betty Boop creator Max Fleischer, whereby animators traced magnified live action footage onto transparencies. This early form of rotoscoping was one of the first methods that

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Building a Game for Mechanical Simulation with Articulated Physics

Kuba Seidl joined DeepMotionā€™s 2018 closed alpha, hoping to achieve interesting new mechanical simulation results using our Unity physics SDK. Excited by his creative use of our engine, we asked him to share more about his work with our team.

Kuba only learned Unity in 2017 after some introductory

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Using Markerless Augmented Reality for Digital Avatars

How do we get digital objects to play well with reality (and with the human at the center of an augmented experience)? Creating compelling AR experiences hangs in the balance of this question and the way we integrate virtual overlays with real world environments. Pokemon Go, the breakout AR success

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